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:: Archived News

:: Bowlbash XIII

Posted: 2/01/08

June 13th & 14th 2008

Date is set. More Info Coming Soon. Its Big.

- 40 + Bands set to play


Indy Link Of Event

Bands Hit Up MySpace. I need A Message sent from the Bands MySpace For Approval. No Exceptions.


:: Backwoods Blowout Info

Posted: 10/19/07

Oct. 26th & 27th 2007

Things You Need To Know:

No Cameras, Must be wearing a Halloween Costume on Saturday Night. If you don't have a costume Saturday Night, BEAT IT!!! New Skatopia Rule. Every Saturday Night til forever is Costume Party. Must have a costume every Saturday Night. Attn: Ladies. You can dream about Brewce taking you on the Grand Tour of the Nail Factory but he is taken now so ask someone else for the tour, like Brandon or anybody else with the same last name.

Click Here For Party Info Page

:: Crimes Against Skatopia

Posted: 10/08/07

These 3 guys have jepardized the open door status of Skatopia and possibly the termination of Backwoods Blowout 13. They misrepresent themselves as Team Sleezy when really they are just scumbags.



Failure to police yer people and return the stolen property will result in Skatopia being CLOSED for the rest of the year and a permanant ban of SLEEZY members.


Kyle Maune, Ryan Kelly, Scooby

:: Thrasher KOTR 2007
Posted: 08/28/07

Thrasher's KOTR sent the Foundation Team on a mission to the backwoods of Rutland yesterday. Skatopia was the 2nd stop on their trip. Everyone skated and everyone had a good ol time.

Here is more cotdamn info on 'is shit.

Foundation's KOTR Blog




Posted: 06/26/07

We're paintin the town PINK. Pink is the reason for the season. May the Power of the pink bring you to yer knees. Come worship the pink with us from whence you came, and you too shall return. BOWLBASH XII IS CUMMING....


:: Ebay Fundraiser

Posted: 05/30/07

Check out the old wood on Ebay! Skatopia is auctioning off duplicate boards from the museum to raise money for more concrete. As you can see above, the lula bowl is expanded. But more concrete is needed! Rebar has been tied and more is being formed.


:: NICKY'S Party

Posted: 05/07/07

Nicky McKnight is gittin outta jail on May 26th so we are have ol Nick a big ol welcome home party. Tits or Git style. Come party with Nicky.



Posted: 02/22/07

The date for Bowlbash XII has been set and it is June 29th & 30th 2007. The 30th will be a Fullmoon so git ready. It will be a Strawberry Fullmoon according to the Farmers Almanac. If you are in a really good band and would like to come play, send a MySpace message to the Skatopia MySpace page or send an email to bands@skatopia.org

Help Out...
We want Ice T & Body Count to play really bad so everyone bug the crap out of them until they agree to play. Send emails, MySpace messages or call Ice T if you have his number. Tell them Skatopia is the place they need to play & make sure you tell them when it is and where it is.



Posted: 12/04/06

Please Donate $$$ to the fund.

We will take any amount. Send $1.00 in the mail if you want, or send some money using Paypal. If everyone that see's this sends at least $1.00 or more then we will have enough to make the new addition to Skatopia. If you read this Please send a donation. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Spread the word. Tell a friend. We welcome all donations, $1, $2, $5, $25, $50, $100, $200 etc. We are also having a little after work party on Friday & Saturday Night Dec. 8th & 9th with a big ol bonfire. Come out and work & then party.

If you don't like using the interweb for money then mail in your donation to:

34961 Hutton Rd
Rutland, OH 45775

:: Desert Dog Bowl Bash

Posted: 10/18/06

Kronik Energy Drink's Desert Dog Bowl Bash Oct. 28th & 29th 2006

Kronik Energy drink in partnership with World Cup Skateboarding has assembled top pro's and am's to participate in the 1st annual Kronik Energy Desert Dog Bowl Bash. Here is the link for the official site. Its got all the info for the event. DESERT DOG BOWL BASH

:: Backwoods Blowout XII

Posted: 10/16/06

Backwoods Blowout XII

is now over. If you have any photos please send them to sk8pope@skatopia.org :: Click here to see photos from the party. More to come soon.

:: Backwoods Blowout XII

Posted: 09/22/06

Backwoods Blowout XII

is scheduled for Oct. 13th & 14th. We are looking to schedule about 20 bands so if your band wants to play let us know by sending us a message on MySpace or emailing bands@skatopia.org. Come on out if you just want to skate, lurk or party with Nicky. Here is the current Band list. Call 740-742-3169 for useless info.

:: Various Contest Results

Posted: 08/03/06

CIA Agent Morgan Burgess wins the Mid-Atlantic Skate Series (MASS) Arlington, VA 10-13 contest. Click here for MASS Info & Results. Benji Galloway wins the Volcom MAMMOTH MEADOWS PRO INVITATIONAL. Click Here for the Volcom Results.

:: Contest Drawing
Posted: 07/03/06

Enter to win a FREE pair of Skatopia Shoes, Hillbilly Dream Video, CIA deck & a sticker pack. $5.00 entry fee. Every $5.00 that is donated gives you another entry for the contest. Enter as many times as you want.


:: Bowlbash XI Aftermath
Posted: 06/19/06

If you were there, then you know, If you weren't there then you blew it. Skate world vs. randoms with toll bridge and mud. Funniest Slip n slide ever. Headlamp Pictures came with full force with about 20 filmers in the crew. Thats all for now. Ask your friends that went if you want more info. I'm sure the forums will have some stories in it. We still need some $$$ for the snake run, so send it in.


Posted: 05/27/06

Now is the time to help us get the concrete before Bowlbash XI. Send the money (CHECK, CASH or PAYPAL). Concrete pour has been delayed for another week or so. Just finishing up forming the Lula Bowl Expansion. Every dime goes directly for Crete! Every donator will receive an embroidered CIA shirt & (optional) a ride on Nicky McKnight's dirt bike. Also The Hillbilly Dream Video is available now so buy one.
Or Send Cash or Check  To:
34961 Hutton Rd
Rutland, OH 45775


:: Agent Morgan Wins

Posted: 04/24/06

CIA agent and team member Morgan Burgess has Won the Basic Bowl Contest. Check back soon for more info and pics when the glorious victors return to Ohio. They held the contest for the Am's on April 22nd and he won the contest, then they decided to have it again along with the pro contest on April 29th. His dad let him stay an extra week to let him enter. He won again. Congratulations to Benji Galloway & Dave Ruel for 1st & 2nd in pro's.

:: Bowlbash XI Changed

Posted: 04/10/06

Bowlbash XI has been changed to June 16th & 17th. Tell everybody you know. Spread the word.

:: Concrete Madness

Posted: 04/5/06

Send Money But Not Today!. As you read on the opening page, now is the time for all good men (and women (and children)) to donate!

The key is to send the money (check, cash, Pay Pal) between May 1 and 10. Cement pour will begin the weekend of May 13-14 and continue until the party. Every dime goes directly for Cement! And you'll receive a embroidered item (details coming later).

The donors who have comitted so far: Brewce, Aaron Reynolds, The Hobbit, Colebird, The Potato, Eric Martin, Todd Waltameyer, Nick the Knife, Halo, Thunder But, Headlamp Productions, Action Crack Rich, Matt Dyck, Dan Rea, Todd Burgess, Nick Bunfiglio.

:: April Fools Day Party

Posted: 03/24/06

04/01/2006 April Fools Day Work Party. Plans are to finish the Lula Bowl expansion, skate and drink alot of Beer and Jdgermeister. Snake Run hopefully if we have enough help. Come on out. If you have a sister, bring her and her friends. And bring beer, alot of it.

:: Skatopia The Movie Contest

Posted: 02/27/06

Help come up with the name of the Skatopia Movie. Winner gets a free pair of Skatopia Shoes. Send all ideas to sk8pope@skatopia.org & goto the Skatopia The Movie website to see the clips.

:: Skatopia The Movie Contest

Posted: 02/27/06

Help come up with the name of the Skatopia Movie. Winner gets a free pair of Skatopia Shoes. Send all ideas to sk8pope@skatopia.org & goto the Skatopia The Movie website to see the clips.

:: American Nomad Bowl Contest

Posted: 02/21/06

Modern Skatepark Novi, MI - February 4, 2006

1. Benji Galloway 2. Brandon Martin 3. Morgan Burgess 4. Garold Vallie 5. Michael Owen
6. Matt Fredericks 7. Dan Fluharty 8. Donovan Rice 9. Jeff Cook 10. Brewce Martin

:: Skatopia Movie Site is Live!

Posted: 02/16/06

"Skatopia: The Movie" website is live! Check it out. Lots of clips to browse and the latest info on a release date: www.skatopiathemovie.com

:: Bigfoot Bowl Contest Results

Posted: 01/15/06

2006 Bowl Jam at Evolution Skatepark -

Winners! $600 in cash and tons of prizes from Draven, Skatopia, Balzout, Kronik Energy Drink, Skull Skates & Evolution Skate Park.

Beginner: Jonathan Carl, Zach Krouth, Connor Lynn, Jackie Jeffries, Josh Kenny

Intermediate: Nick Bonfiglio, Adam Deems, Chris McEvil, Gab Brownfield, Trevor Lynn, Randy Krouth, Tater Tot

Advanced: Brandon Martin, Dale Busta, Morgan Burgess, Rob "the masher" & Dan Fluharty

:: Random Notes

Posted: 12/16/05

The official A Team Skatopia Mayhem Shoe Team group of skater people has been set: Brewce Martin, Brandon Martin, Dan "the vigilante" Flueharty, Tim Johnson, Morgan Burgess, Dale Busta and Zack Debrullier. The A Team will head to Canton, Ohio, to dominate the competition at Evolution in the contest Jan. 14th 2006.

  • In more A Team news, Morgan killed the competition (figuratively speaking) at the Spine-Zilla competition in Canton at Evolution. He was hard pressed by local Jordan, who almost ran away with first.
  • The folks from Philly working on Skatopia the Movie have been up recently shooting more footage. Look for www.skatopiathemovie.com after the new year.
  • Work on new concrete is proceeding! There will be a work party April Fools day to expand the madness!
  • Fuel TV will soon name Skatopia "Best Backyard Scene in the World."
  • Rumour has it Balzout will sponsor a Vertical Bowl/Battle of the Bands contest in 2006, lead by Team CIA with the finals held at the Fall Backwoods Blowout!


:: Skatopia Mayhem Shoe By: Draven

Posted: 10/21/05

The Skatopia Shoe is now available! If you would like to Support Skatopia to the fullest extent, please order the Skatopia Mayhem Shoe directly from Skatopia using PayPal or call Brewce at 740-742-3169 or call Eric at 615-485-9832 instead of going to the Draven website. Skateshops please contact your Select Distribution Rep. or call Draven at 1-800-854-7370

In related Draven news, Draven needs photos of skaters at Skatopia, especially CIA team members, from throughout the years. Post them on the web forum, or email them to Brewce at sk8pope@skatopia.org. Click on the picture for a larger image and additional colors.

ATTN: The shoe runs a ? size small. So if you wear a 9 you need to order a 9?.



:: Bowl Bash XI

Posted: 10/21/05

The date for Bowl Bash XI has been tentatively set for June 2-3. Bands, set aside that date now to kick in the second decade of Skatopia Mayhem!


:: Backwoods Blowout XI

Posted: 10/10/05

To those who braved the mud, blood and the beer thanks for coming! To the bands who didnt show thanks for nothing! Get ready for Bowl Bash XI.

Alot of work was completed on the amplitheater at the Blowout. From now until the weather prohibits, Skatopia will be shaping and tying rebar. Everyone is welcome to come down and help. Rental Mud Boots are available cheap!

Here are links to some pics from the Blowout: PoolsNPipes.com, and Pics from the band Local Chaos.


:: Old Skars Tour Update

Posted: 9/13/05

It was a night for mayhem with the arrival of the Old Skars and Upstarts Tour on the Skatopia stage. Die Hunns were in rare form, fired up by a mosh pit inches from the band. (The six inch stage riser made for some intimate punk, but not much in the way of stage diving. Emaciated and tatoos, Die Hunns showed Herion Sheik is still a viable fashion statement!

The evening's rock began with Angel City Outcasts and The Black Halos followed by punk swing band Kings of Nuthin.

On the skating front, Lance Mountain is recovering from his own knee injury, but traveled the many miles to Skatopia to check out the madness even though he couldn't skate. Duane Peters was seen high in the full pipe tearing it up. While Brewce is still recovering from knee surgery, son Brandon and his crew provided the night's high speed fireworks in the Epcot Bean, aka The Punisher. They were joined by Old Skars skater Chaz Pineda ripping the bowl as if he grew up there.

Check back soon for Pics!


:: Focus Bowl goes to Ollies

Posted: 8/10/05

The bowl from Focus Skateboard Park in Charleston, West Virginia, is getting a new life. The wooden bowl is headed to Ollies Skatepark in Florence, KY. Deconstruction will start tomorrow and the bowl is expected to be skateable in September.


:: Summer Camp / Shoes

Posted: 7/25/05

Brewce Martin is currently in the process of outlining a summer skateboarding program for 2006. This program would be availible to anyone and is focused at improving your skateboarding at any level. Currently, the outline is for a two week program and will have special guests drop in to talk about their own experiences. We're looking for interested people to contact us.

The Skatopia line of shoes has done well in its showing in Berlin, Germany. Brewce is seeking out shops in the USA that would like to carry the one and only Skatopia Shoe by Draven Shoes. Contact Brewce Martin if your shop or park is interested in carrying the Skatopia Shoe. Pictures of the finished shoe should be out soon.

If anyone has pictures, video, or things to add to the site email sk8pope@skatopia.org with the content you have. If your band has played at Skatopia before, email us as well so we can put you on the band list. Be sure to include what event it was.